Asian Pencils Private Limited.

Commitment to Quality

Asian Pencils Private Limited are committed to manufacture and Export of all kind of Lead Pencil & Stationary products to the entire satisfaction of Customers. Our aim is to progress through Continual Improvement in Quality & Productivity.

This shall be achieved through:
– Meeting the exact requirements of Quality & productivity consistently
– On time delivery
– Building a Competent Work Force
– Setting & reviewing quality objectives in every department
– Effective Implementation of QMS based on ISO 9001 requirements


Quality Policy

The Management and Employees of M/s Asian Pencils Pvt. Ltd., are committed to provide products to meet customer requirements and expectations. It is our constant endeavor to continually improve our Quality Management System, so as to enhance the satisfaction of our stakeholders. Hereby commit ourselves to achieve the Quality Policy by:

1) Increasing Productivity by 10-20% Annually.
2) 100% on Time Delivery
3) Reducing Rejection Rate to 0.0%
4) Receiving repeated orders from existing clients.
5) Providing training at least 5 man-days to our staff to improve their skills and performance in every year.
6) Performing the Quality Practices for Cleanliness and Safety.
7) Continual improvement in our operations related to our products and Services.

Environment Policy

We at M/s ASIAN PENCILS PVT LTD., is engaged in the Manufacture of All kinds of Wooden Pencils are committed to protect the environment and to demonstrate performance of the organization through,

1) Focus on prevention of pollution
2) Complying with all applicable environmental, legislation & other requirements.
3) Educating & motivating our employees
4) Influencing supplier and Sub contractors associated with Asian Pencils
5) Set Environmental Performance Targets and Objectives.
6) Ensuring Optimum Utilization of Natural Resources and reduction in wastages.
7) By communicating our EMS Policy to all persons working for or on behalf of our organization.

Safety Policy

We at M/s Asian Pencils is committed to promote employee health and well being by maintaining

1) Accident free work place
2) Safe working condition & safe work practices

This we shall achieve through

1) Periodic employee education
2) Audits and corrective action for risk elimination
3) Proactive reduction of potential unsafe condition and practices


Sno. Certification Body Scope Certificate No. Description Norms
1 AMCERT(UK) Design, Manufacturer and Exporter of All Kind of Lead Wooden Pencil, Colour Pencil, Sharpener, Eraser and Wax Crayon, Geometry Box, Rulers & Stationery Products. QMS1133P Quality Management System ISO 9001 2015
2 SMETA Management system and code implementation,Entitlement to work and Immigration, Sub-Contracting and Home working, Environment, Business Ethics. APPL /14/12/2016 Labour Standards, Health and Safety, Environment and Business ethics. SEDEX 4-Pillar
3 NTTF Technical Training and workshop on "5S" - Japanese Standards. HO/ST/5971/14 5S Implementation 5S Certification
4 INTERTEK Non-Toxic , and Heavy Metals Test on Products DELH16003031REV1 Product Safety DIN EN-71 (3)
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