Asian Pencils Private Limited.

Neostellar® Cylver (HB)

Pencil Type: Premium
Material: Wood
Lead: Dark Lead
Finishing: Gloss

Cylver is the Hexagonal Type pencil product of Asian Pencils.
Comes under High Quality Wood and lead pencil.

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Extra Dark Bonded Lead
Darker,Stronger Lead for Better Handwriting.
Safe for Children
-Made with Non-Toxic Finishing.
Triangle Shaped
-Write your notes with more comfort.
Different Shades in a Pack!
-Pack consists of 3 Shades of Trio Pencils(12 Pencils).
Standard Quality Wood Casting
-Available in high and standard quality wood.
Customization Available!
-Customize the current design using
the same set of color combinations.


Height 17.2 cm length
Diameter 7.2 mm diameter
Shape Hexagon
Pre-sharpened Optional
Cylver (HB) SKU: CV-2704CY
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