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Shade (HB)

Pencil Type: Classroom
Material: Wood
Lead: Dark Lead
Finishing: Standard finish with white strips.

Shade is the Hexagonal Type pencil product of Asian Pencils.
Comes under High Quality Wood and lead pencil.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Extra Dark Bonded Lead
Darker,Stronger Lead for Better Handwriting.
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Less Breakage
Stronger Wood & Lead for Less breakage.
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Safe for Children
-Made with Non-Toxic Finishing.
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Different Shades in a Pack!
-Pack consists of 5 Shades of Grayde Pencils(10 Pencils).
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Standard Quality Wood Casting
-Available in high and standard quality wood.
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Customization Available!
Customize the current design using
the same set of color combinations.


Height 17.2 cm length
Diameter 7.2 mm diameter
Shape Round
Pre-sharpened Optional
Shade (HB) Series SKU: Shade-2762 (Series)
Shade (HB) – Green SD-2762G
Shade (HB) – Parrot Green SD-2762PG
Shade (HB) – Bottle Green SD-2762BG
Shade (HB) – Sky Blue SD-2762SB
Shade (HB) – Blue SD-2762B
Shade (HB) – Royal Blue SD-2762RB
Shade (HB) – Dark Blue SD-2762DB
Shade (HB) – Purple SD-2762R
Shade (HB) – Pink SD-2762P
Product Color

Blue, Bottle Green, Dark Blue, Green, parrot green, Pink, Purple, Royal Blue, sky blue

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